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Sneha Aunty Fucked

Hi naughty boys and girls this is ashwin. I’ am about to narrate a story of my sex with sneha aunty who lived a couple of blocks away from our house. This incident happened when I was in 1st year Diploma.
Let me begin, One fine day I was returning from my college and at a sudden I heard a voice of a lady calling my name I stopped for a while and turned around to give a look to see it was, and it was Sneha aunty who was a friend of my mom and a marketing agent as well as a hot, dashing lady of our street. The adults used to say her “The dream girl” because she was fair and had a good maintained figure and mouth watering assets. She said ”Hi” for that I responded with the same and then she handed over me some papers to give it to my mom and then she asked “ Why don’t you look around while walking rather than looking down? I swayed hand while you passed by my gate but there was no response from you.” That day I came to know that they lived on the same street that we lived. Then I said “Sorry, It’s my habit.” For that she replied “Hmm, Better live it.”
Then she invited me to her home for a cup of tea for that I declined at first but then accepted, She gave some snacks and a cup of tea and she asked about my activities at college and I guess she was quiet impressed.
Then I left to my home. I was happy that I spent time with the beautiful lady of the street as I had no girlfriend I don’t know from where but that night I was thinking about her and I was aroused and handle myself and my bulge I masturbated and ejaculated but the hardness was not reduced after few minutes I opened my pc turned it on and saw some porn movies in the internet then I opened my social networking site to check updates and I was surprised to see a request from sneha aunty.I happily accepted it and all of a sudden my chat screen opened and it was sneha aunty on the other side. She said “Hello, Had ur dinner?” for that I responded positively and we chatted for about an hour about all the maters except love and sex. But I wanted to talk about that but had no courage to make the move. Then we said good ni8 and signed out but how could I sleep, She was everywhere.
The next day was a holiday and I was at home doing nothing and somebody called my mom for that she went out and came in a moment and said me to go to sneha aunt’s home as she needed some stuffs. I readily agreed and went there and she was standing in front of the door locking it I was star struck for a while seeing her in a red saree with black bordering she was looking like a bride even in that age of 38 she looked as a girl of 24 or25. She smiled at me and said that she wants some items from the market and its in a huge amount so I need a helping hand for that I agreed and we hired a auto to the wholesale market which was too far from our home.
She made me sit first and she sat beside me her arms were touching my arms but I adjusted and parted after while again our arms met I was about to adjust but she said sit comfortably and gave a smile. We reached the market and went into the market place  she purchased many things and at last I was surprised to see her purchasing birth control pills as her husband was out of country for almost a year. But I acted as if I was unaware of the purchase. Then she made a call to someone and we arrived from there.
We reached her home and I helped her put all the items in the store room. Then we sat in the hall for a small rest she was sweating and the sweat was flowing all over her. The sweat which was flowing from her neck down towards her breast created a sensation in me an again created a bulge in my shorts. This was noticed by her and she gave naughty smile without noticing that I was watching her. And then she said she needs to freshen up and will come back within couple of minutes for that I agreed and turned on the TV even after 10 mins she didn’t return so I planned to check in her room as entered a beautiful fragrance was spattering in the whole room and moanings were heard from the bathroom. The moaning made my cock hard. As the door was closed from inside I kept my ears on the wall to hear and she was moaning & murmuring my name “yes…. Ah. Ah come on harder” and with a large moan she stopped moaning and then I ran and sat on the couch watching TV but my cock was harder.
She came out wearing a red coat type night dress and went to the kitchen and brought two cups of juice and some snacks and sat on the couch opposite to me. She started talking about different matters and gossips of bollywood etc etc and then she raised the topic of love and asked whether I had a girlfriend for that I replied negatively and when there is matter of love there will be matter of sex She asked “have u ever made sex?” I said”No”. She ”Have You intrest in Sex?” For that I hesitantly said “Yes.”
Then I was surprised to see her weeping and tear drops were coming down I asked for what she was crying for? She said as her husband was out for an year and she is home alone she is hungry for sex and I was the only male friend who she thinks can satisfy her deeds and then she fell over my shoulder but I parted and said no but I was ready from inside. I went towards the door but she came behind me pulled me over and hugged me and was weeping on my chest. She said she wont tell to my mom or anyone and asked my mom’s permission to stay tonight with me. I thought this was the right time to react and kissed her forehead and cleaned the tears from her eyes.
She looked at me and smiled and said “Satisfy my desires I am yours.” We were standing by the door itself I turned her back towards the door caught her neck from behind smooched her lipstick juicy lips she was enjoying it. I put my hands over her big boobs and was massaging it which made her nipples hard. I then removed the knot of her coat and saw that she didn’t wear panty and her pubic hair was wet with her juice. I lifted her in my arms and carried her to the bedroom and laid her on the bed and came over her and started sucking her tits and squeezing the other boob she was moaning like anything and the room filled her moans then I went down to satisfy her pussy. First I kissed it which caused a shiver in her body and there was a small flow of juice from her pussy. Then I put my tongue in it and started licking this tremble over the bed and she was holding my head into her pussy by which I was suffocating at last she her lips with her teeth harder spurted out the juice and made me drink it. Then she said “ Its my turn baby.”
She undressed me and started smooching me and then smilingly went down to lick my chest and then pulled down my shorts then my undy and gulped in my dick she was stroking the dick by her mouth like anything and drank my ejaculated sperm and sucked to remove the remaining juice inside. After few minutes she said in a naughty way” Fuck me darling” this made me hard and came over her kept my dick in front of her pussy and started to tease her by touching her pussy walls with my dick but not inserting it. Then she started begging” please janu just do it” don’t make me mad on you please.” At one stroke I inserted half of my dick into her and the pussy was too tight which made us both to moan then after  I started giving small strokes to relieve the pain after 10 mins of my strokes she made me sleep and she rode over me very  hard as it was a dildo and was screaming” yes common you bastard make your aunt cum over you.” I was about to cum and I said her that and she made me cum inside her. Then we rested for a while and had session in doggy style, then in the bathroom, then over the dining table, then we slept at around 4 a.m naked one over the other. We had sex for 1 month after that. Then for my bad luck her husband returned and we now have sex rarely if possible..

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Age Difference – Doesn’t Matter - Neighbor Didi

(Received this story from one of the incest lovers - not showing his email on his request. As we committed, we are not making any alterations in the format as well. Story is posted as received)


 Hi Friends, Reading true stories and sharing your own stories which were hidden somewhere in your dark room within is a fun and that is when I thought sharing my first sexual encounter with you all.<br />
        Please post your comments or feel free to contact me via email, I will be waiting so that I can post more of my experiences.<br />
        I am from Pune, working as a manager with an MNC and this incident happened when I was in 10th standard. It was long back when I tasted first experience of sex and memories are still afresh in my mind.<br />
        I used to stay in a small flat with my parents and I was given the room with an attached balcony so that I can read well with fresh air with just opening the door. I used to love that room as I always had a freeness of smoking or masturbating without any disturbance. My mother and father were working and after coming from school at about 1 in the afternoon, I used to watch porn and wonder around in the house nude most of the times. Looking myself in the mirror with no clothes was one of my favorite things to do and I used to feel excited looking at the changing size of my hanging penis &ndash; From a limb penis to a hard pole, it was a kind of magic to me.<br />
        To the opposite side of the balcony was an alike flat where a family used to stay, there were five members in that family &ndash; mother, father, two sisters and one brother. The girl which I am talking about was the youngest of them all however was quite elder to me as at the same time when I was in 10th standard, she was preparing for her doctorate &ndash; there was an age difference of 10 years at least.&nbsp; Her name was Hina (Name changed). She was fairly good looking girl however as of the age difference, I used to call her Didi and we casually used to chat and our relationship with that family was very limited.<br />
        I used to notice her as her body always used to attract me, nothing else but because she was the only one who was a frequent visitor in their balcony and I used to get her glimpse very often. She had a nice figure, not perfect but well built. I used to think of her sometimes as her undergarments use to be in front of my most of the times after she used to dry them in the sun. Most of her panties were floral and bras were white or black in color.<br />
        I also noticed that the family was very conservative and the girls were not allowed to freely roam outside and were limited to do family work with no entertainment or parties. We often used to say &lsquo;Hi&rsquo; or &lsquo;Hello&rsquo; when our eyes used to meet on the balcony and we never went ahead of that as of the age difference.<br />
        One fine day, I was out to buy some bread and eggs when I saw her on the shop. I just said &ldquo;Hello Didi&rdquo; and she smiled back.<br />
        &ldquo;How are you?&rdquo; She asked.<br />
        &ldquo;I am good. How are you doing?&rdquo; I was happy to see her fresh face so close to me.<br />
        &ldquo;I always see you studying, preparing for some exam?&rdquo; She was not in a hurry to move ahead.<br />
        &ldquo;Not really, as I am alone most of the time so there is nothing else I have to kill time&rdquo;, I reverted.<br />
        &ldquo;Why don&rsquo;t you go out with your friends? Have fun this is the age you can cherish&rdquo;, she was still smiling.<br />
        &ldquo;I don&rsquo;t have many friends and most of them are out of station as of summer vacations&rdquo;, I was still trying to gauge her.<br />
        &ldquo;You can talk to me over the phone. I am also alone most of the times in my room. I also need someone to speak with, I am not allowed to go outside and that is why it suffocates sometimes&rdquo;, she said with a sad face.<br />
        &ldquo;Yes, that is a good idea. Give me your number&rdquo;, I took her number.<br />
        &ldquo;But don&rsquo;t call till I give a signal. If anyone comes to know in my house, they will kill me&rdquo;. She looked worried for the first time in the entire conversation.<br />
        I promised her that and we went. I noticed she was very cautious while going back as if was making sure no one noticed her talking to me.<br />
        I was happy for no reason and eagerly waited for her balcony door to open and finally after waiting for long hour and half, it opened. And there she was in a purple suit. She looked like just out of bathroom as her hair were wet and open.<br />
        She smiled and I returned the smile and waived my hand. She signaled to call her and I dialed the number (Landline, keeping a mobile phone was freaking costly that time). She was standing just next to the extension in her room and she picked up almost instantly.<br />
        We spoke for good two hours and became good friends. I kept on calling her Didi and she was ok with that, which pinched me as I expected her to stop me from calling Didi. She sounded so perfect over the phone as if she had the sweetest of the voice.<br />
        Over a period of time, we started getting used to each other. When I realize it now, it was nothing else but a need for both of us being a human being&nbsp; you need someone to speak with and we were the only available options for each other that time.<br />
        We used to look at each other while talking to each other and that was adding fun.<br />
        &ldquo;You like printed underwears?&rdquo; she asked all of a sudden over the phone and I almost jumped at my place.<br />
        &ldquo;Why are you asking that?&rdquo; I asked sheepishly.<br />
        &ldquo;As I always see printed briefs drying under the sun in your balcony, now its not your Dad&rsquo;s right?&rdquo; she laughed.<br />
        &ldquo;You also like printed panties&rdquo;, I gave it back and she laughed aloud.<br />
        &ldquo;Naughty guy, you look at my undergarments&rdquo;, she acted as if she is angry.<br />
        &ldquo;I just saw after you saw mine&rdquo;, I was happy to finally for the fact that she was opening up.<br />
        &ldquo;You like my choice&rdquo;, she did not try to change the topic.<br />
        &ldquo;Yes, I wonder how you will look in those but I think heart throbbing&rdquo;, I decided to move ahead for a chance.<br />
        &ldquo;Shut up&rdquo;, she laughed.<br />
        &ldquo;Do you have a boy friend?&rdquo; I asked.<br />
        &ldquo;Do you think I can have one in such an environment where I am not even allowed to move out for an hour&rdquo;, she said with a sad face.<br />
        &ldquo;Ya, I feel bad for you. For a beautiful girl like you any guy will die for&rdquo;, I boosted her.<br />
        &ldquo;I think even you don&rsquo;t have a girl friend. I always see you at home&rdquo;, She inquired.<br />
        &ldquo;Yes, even I am alone like you. Lets be each other&rsquo;s boyfriend and girlfriend&rdquo;, I said in a tone of being kiddish.<br />
        &ldquo;I am so older to you, how can that happen?&rdquo; she was curious.<br />
        &ldquo;Who is saying to get married, lets be a couple till you get married&rdquo;, I looked into her eyes and she was smiling.<br />
        &ldquo;Whats the use, we can only talk and cant meet&rdquo;, she said.<br />
        &ldquo;But at least we can see each other all the time and we can always talk looking at each other. It will be happy moment for both of us. Do you want me to propose you&rdquo;, I made my tone serious.<br />
        &ldquo;She didn&rsquo;t say anything but kept at staring at me. &ldquo;I like you Hina&rdquo;, I finally said.<br />
        &ldquo;I like you too&rdquo;, she smiled and with a shy face.<br />
        We started that day and within a day I asked her for a kiss on the phone which she gave without any hesitation. We started speaking freely and I was curious to start vulgar discussion for a chance to see her naked body through the open door of balcony as our rooms were just opposite to each other&rsquo;s.<br />
        &ldquo;Have you seen a hot movie Hina?&rdquo; I asked her one afternoon.<br />
        &ldquo;No, but I have heard that they are very dirty&rdquo;, she said.<br />
        &ldquo;Want to see one?&rdquo; I asked.<br />
        &ldquo;How will that be possible?&rdquo; she asked and looked curious.<br />
        &ldquo;I will play it on my television and will turn the television towards you, so that you can see. I will have to mute the volume though&rdquo;, I suggested and she jumped in joy.<br />
        I played the hottest movie from my collection and turned the tv towards her. She was looking at the television screen and I was reading her face. From white, her face turned red and her expressions also changed from being curious to being hit by arousal. For about half an hour, she kept looking at the movie and we looked at each other after it was finished. I called her back after she signaled.<br />
        &ldquo;How was the action?&rdquo; I asked her.<br />
        &ldquo;Oh freak, it was too much. I didn&rsquo;t know that a man&rsquo;s organ is so big. I always thought it would be as big as middle finger&rdquo;, she proved she was virgin like me.<br />
        &ldquo;No it is normally 6 &ndash; 7 inches after it is excited&rdquo;, I was happy finally she was talking sex.<br />
        &ldquo;What is your size?&rdquo; she asked and winked.<br />
        &ldquo;Want to see? I can do that favor to you&rdquo;, I winked back. She just nodded her head in affirmation and I removed my tshirt and pant in no time and stood in front of her in my printed underwear with a huge bulge. She looked at me like she was spell casted. &ldquo;Remove that as well&rdquo;, I heard her voice from the receiver of the telephone.<br />
        &ldquo;I want to see you as well&rdquo;, I said in a tone full of sensuality.<br />
        &ldquo;What?&rdquo; she said.<br />
        &ldquo;Atleast show me your boobs&rdquo;, I pleaded. She slowly got up and locked her room from inside. Sat on the bed and opened buttons of her kurta. My heart started to pound like anything and finally she lowered her kurta and her boobs popped out of her bra. She left them hanging and I saw a pair for the first time. They looked so soft and inviting, Big brown areolas and stiff nipples make my bulge bigger and finally with her looking at me, I also removed my last cloth and my penis sprang out, and it dipped the precum which reached my&nbsp; thighs. Her eyes were wide open and were stuck at my penis which stood hard looking at her with drops of precum falling on my legs and the floor. She looked in my eyes but was not shy. &ldquo;Look at it&rdquo;, I whispered in the telephone and she looked at my penis again. I removed the skin of the stiff penis and pink top was visible, I stretched the skin back till the enire pink shaft was visible and I could see her red face. &ldquo
 ;Do you want it darling?&rdquo; I asked her.<br />
        &ldquo;Yes&rdquo;, she replied. &ldquo;Show me your choot&rdquo;, I said shamelessly which was much required that time. She stood up from her place and removed her salwar and without me pleading anymore her panty was also down on the floor and I saw a bushy triangle between her thighs. I could not see the pussy lips even.<br />
        &ldquo;Have you never shaved?&rdquo; I asked but made sure not to sound sarcastic.<br />
        &ldquo;No, I have never done that&rdquo;, she said and looked at my well shaved shaft.<br />
        &ldquo;Spread your pussy lips. I want to see the wet pink hole&rdquo;, I requested and she obeyed instantly. With two fingers she opened the pussy lips and I saw the pink flash inside which looked throbbing. &ldquo;Liked it&rdquo; I heard her voice. &ldquo;Yes&rdquo;, I said. &ldquo;I want to fuck you Hine. I want your choot. Do you like my Lund?&rdquo; I asked. &ldquo;Yes, but will it go inside me. It looks so big. What is the size?&rdquo; she asked me.<br />
        I opened the drawer of the table and took out the small plastic scale. Placed my erect penis on that and it was slightly more than the scale. &ldquo;6.5 inches at least&rdquo;, she said. &ldquo;Yes, don&rsquo;t worry. I will fuck you with a condom on&rdquo;, I just wanted to make sure that she is not scared of anything.<br />
        &ldquo;Do you have a candle?&rdquo; I asked her.<br />
        &ldquo;Why?&rdquo; she asked.<br />
        &ldquo;Please get one now without any question&rdquo;, I almost ordered and she obeyed. With a little of search she was able to find a candle which was long but not thick.<br />
        &ldquo;Put it in your choot thinking it is my lund&rdquo;, I said and she obeyed.<br />
        I could hear her moans and I also started to thurst my lund myself. It was a great fun masturbating in front of a girl doing the same for you. She came first and I also came on the floor, she was amazed to see the semen coming out of the lund.<br />
        It became a regular practice, I got a chance to fuck her as well. But that happened only once as it was hard for her to get out of her house. I will share that experience after a go ahead from you guys. If you liked this story, I will post the fucking part soon.<br />
        Any girl, ladies (Any age Group) in PUNE - please feel free to contact me for strings free, confidential guaranteed relationship. I expect and commit CONFIDENCE as I also hold a respectful position in the society. I am a sex hungry Man, will be waiting 

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